Health Problems Linked to Mold & Water Damage

Exposure to water-damaged buildings has been associated with numerous health problems that include asthma, fungal sinusitis, chronic fatigue, abnormalities in T and B cells, central and peripheral neuropathy, sarcoidosis, and respiratory infections.

Myotoxins, Mold, & Water Damage

Mycotoxins produced by several species of mold have been identified in water-damaged indoor environments. They have been detected in the sera, urine, and tissues of individuals with illness associated with exposure to microbes in the contaminated environments. Whereas species of Aspergillus and Penicillium have been demonstrated in the nasal cavity and sinuses of an individual.  Various studies have been done and mold has been found in many chronically ill individuals.  The effects of mold and mycotoxins on the body are very real and need to be taken seriously.  Mold Doctors USA understands the importance of proper mold remediation and stays current with new findings in our industry.
Article from NCIB:

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