If your home or business has a crawlspace, there’s a chance you will experience water damage at some point. There are many ways that water can get into a crawl space. One of the most common ways is through leaks in your plumbing system. If left untreated, moisture in your crawl space can lead to mold, which will create serious health problems for those living there.

How can I keep my crawlspace moisture free?

A damp crawlspace can lead to a variety of problems, which is why you should try to keep it moisture-free. Below are 3 tips from the experts at Mold Doctors USA:

  1. Purchase a dehumidifier

It’s always good to have a dehumidifier on hand to dry out your crawlspace. Make sure you purchase one that is specifically made for crawlspaces. This will remove the excess moisture from your crawlspace.

  1. Cover the floor of your crawlspace

You can prevent dampening of the crawlspace by covering the floor. Crawlspace vapor barriers do a great job of preventing moisture from entering the crawlspace. Layering the moisture barriers on the floor of the crawlspace will help keep moisture out.

  1. Insulate your foundation

Consider installing waterproof insulation in your crawlspace to keep it moisture-free. Mold Doctors USA offers free consultation for waterproofing so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself.

A crawlspace nightmare can happen any minute. It’s best to take action now so you’re prepared before something happens. If you suspect you have water or mold in your crawlspace, call Mold Doctors USA today at 865-945-3000 to schedule a consultation. We are Knoxville’s leading authority on residential and commercial mold removal, remediation, and waterproofing. We work with all insurances to get you taken care of. Don’t hesitate to contact us today – our experienced team is ready to help you!