3 Home Disasters That Probably Aren’t Covered By Your Insurance

3 Home Disasters That Probably Aren’t Covered By Your Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers lots of different disasters, but there are a few that are not, and they can be exceptionally damaging to your home and health. The following are 3 home disasters that are typically excluded from home insurance policies, but you need to be prepared for.

Sewer Backups

In areas like Knoxville and East Tennessee, our climate means a lot of rain and a lot of opportunities for sewers to back up.

Sewer backups can cause irreparable damage if not dealt with quickly by a professional.

Water Leaks

This article is being written during one of the coldest weeks in a decade, but it doesn’t take extreme weather to cause water pipe problems. As pipes expand and contract, seals can become compromised and cause slow leaks.

These leaks cause damage to flooring, walls, ceilings, and other building materials. To avoid, regularly check for water damage, especially after periods of changing weather, and call a certified water damage expert to prevent mold development.

Smell Damage

Sometimes smells from cigarettes, pets, food, and fungi growth can cause smells that refuse to leave furniture and building materials.

Sometimes this comes as a result of tenants, but can also be present in new homes from fungus growth in crawlspaces and basements.

If you smell anything funky coming from your home or below your home, call a certified fungus expert to remove the problem before it affects furniture or possessions.