Why You Should Never Hire The Same Mold Removal Company To Do Mold Inspection

Why You Should Never Hire The Same Mold Removal Company To Do Mold Inspection

Is it ok to have the same company that provides remediation do the mold testing as well?

NO!!!! It is an absolute conflict of interest. I always ask someone, “When you eat in a restaurant do you notice their health inspection report? How would you feel if the owner of that restaurant scored their own restaurant?” That puts it in perspective, right?

Just as you expect a professional health inspector to honestly score a restaurant’s performance, it is essential to hire a 3rd party inspector to ensure that your family is safe after mold removal or mold remediation.

We see many companies that offer both “mold removal/remediation” as well as mold testing. That is a complete conflict of interest. Mold Doctors USA is regularly contacted by customers who want us to provide testing. After we educate them as to why they do not want us to do the mold testing, they are appreciative. It is actually illegal to provide mold removal and mold testing services by the same company in many states.

Unfortunately, the state of Tennessee doesn’t regulate our industry. Thus, it is important to do your research when hiring a mold remediation company and another company that provides mold testing.

Mold Doctors USA is proud to say that we hold our company to the highest industry standards even though it is not required. That is why our customers have confidence in referring their friends and family to us.

Mold Doctors USA provides mold removal and remediation for discerning customers all over East TN. Call today for a free, no obligation estimate for any commercial or residential property!

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