Why You Shouldn’t Call Your Handyman For Water Damage

Why You Shouldn’t Call Your Handyman For Water Damage

Does it matter if I use my handyman to clean up the water damage in my home?

We hear this question all the time. Most recently, a customer of ours woke up to water on the entire first floor of her Blount County home.

Her water heater had busted overnight and every single room was covered in inches of water. She instantly called her handyman and asked him what to do. He said he would just come “suck up” the water.

Upon his arrival, he attempted to get the water up but realized he wasn’t capable of doing so. She called her friend who recommended Mold Doctors USA. Thankfully, we were able to get out to her house in less than an hour and extract all the water from her home and set up machines to dry out her house. We were able to save the hardwood floors, carpet pad, carpets!

The importance of hiring a certified and trained professional cannot be taken lightly. We saved her thousands and thousands of dollars as she didn’t have to replace 1,700 square feet of flooring and didn’t get mold!

What’s so important about our state-of-the-art machines is that they work more efficiently than what one can get from a local store. Thus, when we can get the water up, dry out each room, there is no concern for mold spores to develop.

Bottom line: Water damage can lead to mold if it is not handled by a certified professional. Mold Doctors is the highest certified company serving all of East TN and we take pride in our work. Customers know they can talk to a person in a timely manner and we work to save them money during a stressful time.

Call Mold Doctors USA today at 865-945-3000 for any emergency service needs! We handle water damage, sewage cleanup, fire damage, dry outs, pack-outs, mold remediation, odor removal, crawlspace waterproofing, Available 24/7 365 days a year.