Bleach Won’t Kill Mold

We hear of many reputable general contractors and homeowners that think bleach kills mold. It does not! Please don’t use [...]

Bleach Won’t Kill Mold2020-09-03T17:12:00+00:00

What to Do After a Water Leak?

While water leaks might be considered less devastating than fire damage, even a small water leak on your property can [...]

What to Do After a Water Leak?2018-10-04T15:22:26+00:00

How is a building tested for mold?

Testing of a building for mold typically involves both air and surface sampling. Surface sampling involves collecting a sample of [...]

How is a building tested for mold?2016-03-04T11:20:11+00:00

What causes excessive mold growth?

Mold requires a moist environment to grow. Any excess moisture in a home or office can lead to amplified mold [...]

What causes excessive mold growth?2016-02-26T11:18:57+00:00

How can I tell if I am sensitive to molds?

Individuals with pre-existing allergies or respiratory conditions, are likely to be more sensitive to mold spores. Other individuals that may [...]

How can I tell if I am sensitive to molds?2016-02-16T11:17:58+00:00

Is all mold the same?

NO... Allergenic molds are normally not dangerous in low amounts, but they can cause allergenic or asthmatic symptoms such as [...]

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Where does mold come from?

Remember, mold is everywhere in small doses, indoors and outdoors. But before fungi/mold colonize and become a potential hazard, four [...]

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