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Our Chattanooga Mold Removal Services are top rated and preferred by most residents in the Chattanooga area including the Cleveland, Ooltewah, McDonald, Hixon, Harrison, Summer Haven, Snow Hill, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, and the surrounding areas. Our expert team of professionals will provide you with a free no hassle consultation to help you determine the best course of action for your situation. Give Chattanooga’s top mold company a call today!

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Mold in your home or place of business can cause health problems and lower the value of your property. We’re certified mold removal professionals at Mold Doctors USA.

If your home or business has experienced leaks or flooding, Mold Drs. has the experience and expertise needed to repair water damage and fully restore your property as quickly as possible.

We know that suffering the devastation of a fire can be a frightening experience. The last thing you want to think about is cleaning up afterwards, which cannot only be heart wrenching, but dangerous as well.

No matter what sort of storm damage Mother Nature unleashes, our experienced, knowledgeable technicians show up ready to handle every emergency 24/7.

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chattanooga mold removal

Chattanooga Mold Removal 

According to some recent studies, approximately 50 percent of homes are afflicted with unknown moisture dilemmas causing mold damage. And as we all know, molds thrive best in moist places. Acute exposure not lasting more than a day may lead to normal allergic reactions, but chronic exposure in your home may lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, chronic pneumonitis. Some studies suggest cancer, but no proof has been given.

Mold requires an organic food source, such as cloth, sheet rock, or wood, and a moisture source to grow. Mold can begin to grow if any organic material remains wet for more than 48 hours. The way to control mold growth indoors is to control moisture indoors.

Mold spores are very common outdoors and there is no practical way to eliminate all mold spores indoors. Molds can grow undetected inside wall spaces, under carpet, and inside HVAC systems. Mold growth can often be the visible sign of a structural defect that allows moisture to intrude into a building.

Cleanup of large areas of mold growth can cause airborne levels of spores to increase up to 10,000 times that of background levels.

The best way to abate mold growth indoors is to remove the impacted materials. Cleaning the surface of a material with mold growth may not always kill the mold, especially if mold is growing on porous materials like sheet rock or carpeting. Professional mold removal is the way to keep your family safe.

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