Fungus Removal

Fungus Removal in Knoxville, TN

According to some recent studies, approximately 50 percent of homes are afflicted with unknown moisture dilemmas. And as we all know, fungus thrives best in moist places. Acute exposure not lasting more than a day may lead to normal allergic reactions, but chronic exposure in your home may lead to: bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, chronic pneumonitis and some studies suggest cancer but no proof has been given.

Fungus requires an organic food source, such as cloth, sheet rock, or wood, and a moisture source to grow. Fungus can begin to grow if any organic material remains wet for more than 48 hours. The way to control fungus growth indoors is to control moisture indoors.

Fungus spores are very common outdoors and there is no practical way to eliminate all fungus spores indoors. Fungus can grow undetected inside wall spaces, under carpet, and inside HVAC systems. Fungus growth can often be the visible sign of a structural defect that allows moisture to intrude into a building.

Cleanup of large areas of fungus growth can cause airborne levels of spores to increase up to 10,000 times that of background levels.

The best way to abate fungus growth indoors is to remove the impacted materials. Cleaning the surface of a material with fungus growth may not always kill the fungus, especially if fungus is growing on porous materials like sheetrock or carpeting.

Fungus Remediation Process

Mold Doctors USA’s trained inspectors will visit your facility or home and conduct a thorough investigation.

The first step in the process of mold remediation begins with returning the moisture content and humidity levels to below range levels which may be conducive to mold growth.

The use of containment to prevent the spread of mold is one of the single most important steps to ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Mold Doctors USA’s specialized filtration equipment enables our technicians to capture microscopic mold and dust particles out of the air.

Mold Doctors USA uses our proprietary cleaning product (MoldRx) and antimicrobial to kill any remaining mold spores and help prevent new spores from forming.

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