Mold Doctors USA has been doing restoration work for 15 years right in East Tennessee! We love what we do. We are locally owned and operated and fully licensed and insured. Plus, we hold the highest certifications in the industry. Since Tennessee doesn’t regulate our industry there are many companies that claim they offer restoration services that we offer but do not have any professional training or certifications. Seriously, many companies are operating right here in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Tellico Village, Oak Ridge, Clinton, LaFollette, Sevierville – and they have not taken tests from a third party. That is ridiculous and scary! Mold Doctors USA maintains the ACAC certification which is the highest standard of education in mold remediation.

What sets us apart besides that? We do it all! We handle the cleanup of whatever disaster you have experienced and we can rebuild your house, business, make it look better than what it did prior to the damage. If your house floods, if your kitchen catches on fire, if your hotel floods 50 rooms, if sewage busts in your restaurant, if mold or water intrusion is in your crawlspace, if asbestos is in your commercial property – Mold Doctors USA has got you covered.

We are available 24/7 for any emergency service and offer free appointments for regular scheduled services. We work with all insurance companies and make it so much easier to navigate the insurance claim. With our industry experience and expertise we can take care of you! Contact Us today!