Jeremy and Ashley Akers


Jeremy was born in Kingston, Tenn., and started working for a company in Florida handling disaster insurance claims, which enabled him to see the worst of the worst–homes destroyed by a tidal surge, homes covered in mold from floor to ceiling, homes with their roofs ripped off. After spending some time in the field and gaining experience in a state that has strict guidelines to follow, he decided to move back home to East Tennessee and start Mold Doctors USA here in Knoxville in 2004.

Ashley is from Oak Ridge, Tenn., and attended UT Knoxville and received a degree in Communications. She worked with builders and homeowners her first few years after college at Ferguson Enterprises. She worked at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce and then wanted to get back into the home industry. She worked for a local waterproofing/foundation repair company handling the marketing and then handled the marketing/advertising for the east coast for another waterproofing/foundation repair company. She met Jeremy during this time and then decided to join Mold Doctors USA.

Jeremy and Ashley know the importance of education and training in such an unregulated industry. With a strong emphasis on training and education, Mold Doctors USA is one of a few ACAC-certified mold remediation companies in the greater East Tennessee area.

Jeremy and Ashley reside in Knoxville with their three children. In their free time they enjoy spending time with their children and their families. They enjoy cooking and traveling.