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A friendly tip

boy applying sun block cream on the tanned body


A friendly tip from your friends, the Mold Drs!

Summertime is when all the kids are out and about having fun! And moms, you know what that means! Itchy poison ivy, harsh sunburns, muddy feet, bee stings…yeah, it can get  lil’ chaotic. Take precautions to keep your love ones healthy this summer so they can have fun all season long!


A friendly reminder

A friendly reminder from the Mold Drs. to clean your refrigerator coils.

Keeping your house clean goes further than just wiping down the kitchen counter and checking for mold on the side of your home. Your house is made up of many inner networkings and internal structures. If something goes wrong with one of these, you never know how much it could cost you. Keep in mind owning a home and is more than just mowing the lawn. Pressure washing your siding and vacuuming the coils in your refrigerator are just a few things you can do to further the life (and quality) of your home. vacuum-refrigerator-coils (1)


We take the problems so you have the fun



This outdoor season, don’t let your family’s allergies get in the way of having fun in the sun! It’s important to have good health all year round, not just during the winter months. Let Mold Drs. take care of not just those hard-to-reach places in your house, but your entire family. You will say “goodbye” to allergies and “hello” to fun before you know it!

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Replace your pillows



PILLOW FLIGHT TIME!!!  That’s right, we said pillow “flight” time!  Why in the world would a mold-fighting company like Mold Drs USA be suggesting that you replace your pillows?  We’re glad you asked.  When we’re helping a Knoxville family get rid of mold, we’re frequently asked about other things in the house that could be causing allergy symptoms, and more often than not, home owners have not changed their pillows in several years.  Old pillows are a very common cause of allergy-like symptoms.  So take this little tip from Mold Drs… REPLACE YOUR PILLOWS FOR GOOD HEALTH!  Sleep tight!  😉