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Moldy Dungeon



Your home is your castle, NOT a dungeon!

You don’t want your home invaded by an unwelcome guest, so why would it be okay for mold to take up residence in your home?  Don’t get caught off guard! With Mold Drs., we can clean your home and rid it of unwanted mildew and mold. Call us today!


What to do After Your Water Pipes Burst?

Frozen-pipes-mold-drsThis crazy cold weather in Knoxville, Tennessee has affected many homes and businesses in the past few weeks.  If you are one of those that have experienced pipes bursting and damaging your property, hopefully you were fortunate enough to get the water damage taken care of promptly!



The Danger of Bursting Pipes


Unfortunately, many properties were not addressed in a timely manner due to a large amount of homes that experienced water damage. Once the weather went from being cold to warm it has started to cause some problems. If  your flooring (carpet, wood flooring, tile) had water damage and sat for a few days you could have some mold spores starting to grow.  Mold spores can cling to surfaces and can basically float in the air.




Check Your Home for Water Damage

Mold-Drs-HomeIt’s important to go through your home and ensure that there are no longer any damp areas.
If you find questionable areas, the issue needs to be addressed as quick as possible. An ignored small issue will eventually grow and become complicated.