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Moldy Dungeon



Your home is your castle, NOT a dungeon!

You don’t want your home invaded by an unwelcome guest, so why would it be okay for mold to take up residence in your home?  Don’t get caught off guard! With Mold Drs., we can clean your home and rid it of unwanted mildew and mold. Call us today!


Keep Mold Out & Health In



We all know just how spontaneous Tennessee weather can be! We also know the joys of Tennessee summer…splashing in the lake, grilling up some hot dogs, and of course humidity. There’s nothing quite like good ol’ Tennessee. But living in such a beautiful area can have consequences: Knoxville is one of the worst places for people to live with allergies. Humidity can cause mold and bacteria to harvest and grow. Don’t let that be you. Enjoy this weather and all our home has to offer. Let Mold Drs. take care of the rest!

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