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How can I tell if I am sensitive to molds?

Individuals with pre-existing allergies or respiratory conditions, are likely to be more sensitive to mold spores. Other individuals that may be sensitive include infants and young children, the elderly, and immune comprised patients (people with HIV, undergoing, chemotherapy, liver disease, etc.) Most people are exposed to mold daily with little or no reaction. Prolonged exposure, though, over a long period of time can make a person sensitive to molds when they previously did not have a reaction.


Are mold related health problems permanent?

In most cases, mold related health problems go away after the mold is removed or after the occupants leave the impacted building. It is believed, though, that the affected individuals may have a greater sensitivity to molds in the future so that later it will take exposure to lower levels of mold spores for a shorter duration of time to develop the same problems.


What is lurking behind your walls

Do you know what’s in your walls? It could be anything! In this humid Tennessee weather, mold can harbor anywhere! Especially in dark, damp, enclosed spaces this pesky fungi can harbor and reproduce to the thousands. You won’t be able to see it, so how will you know it’s growing? Call us at Mold Drs. today and have us come to your home and assess what may be lurking behind YOUR walls.