Have you had your home checked for mold in the past year? It may be time to schedule your next appointment with an expert in mold inspections. Mold is a fungus that lives off moisture. As it grows, it releases spores that float through the air. Depending on the quantity of spores you’re being exposed to (and the strand), mold can range from harmless to potentially causing health issues. Should the spores be able to spread due to moisture, you have a higher risk of having symptoms. Not to mention, the spread of mold can also cause damage to your home and result in costly repairs.

The key to reducing the spread of mold is to remove moisture from the home. Without moisture, mold cannot spread and thrive the same way it can in a wet environment. Mold is drawn to dark, moist places and can go undetected during the early stages. Acting early allows you to take proactive steps to ensure your kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement or laundry room stay dry and prevent the growth of mold or the spread of spores. High humidity within the home can also cause mold to form on drywall, wood, within your walls or other materials that can hold moisture.

One way to test to see if there is mold in your house is by performing an air test. Mold spores, as mentioned above, tend to float in the air until the find enough moisture to take hold and grow. Despite the type or color of mold in your house, it is highly recommended that you have it removed professionally. Should the mold be toxic (not all molds are) it can effect your and your families health.

Here at Mold Doctor’s USA, our staff is professionally trained to recognize and inspect the places in your home that are susceptible to mold and moisture. During a mold inspection, our mold professionals also use equipment such as moisture meters or infrared cameras to allow them to inspect other less accessible areas of your home. Our professionals also know to wear proper safety gear and can perform the mold removal safely and properly.

Are you worried you may have mold in your home? Are you interested in scheduling one of our mold professionals to come inspect your home? Do you have mold and are interested in mold removal? Call us today at 865-945-3000! We’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about mold inspections. Schedule an appointment today with one of our staff members who specializes in mold inspections.