water damageIf your home floods or suffers any type of water damage emergency, you need to take immediate action. We have the expertise and technology to remove the water in any area of your home or business – in a timely manner.

We understand the importance of getting the water cleaned up as quickly as possible to keep the cost down and most importantly to prevent any further damage. The longer that water sits there, the more likely mold spores can grow and multiply. The beauty about us being in this industry for 16 years is that we our insurance claim specialist and understand the claims process and we handle everything from beginning middle to end with your insurance provider.

We will make sure that the water damage is cleaned up promptly and efficiently. We document the scope of work and make sure to send it directly to the insurance carrier to get the claims process started.

If you need any repairs, we can handle that as well. We have a flooring showroom for our clients to look at. We make sure that you get cabinets, your countertops, door hardware, tile, paint, you name it. When we say we get it, we get it. Many of us that handle the cleanup process have experienced water damage in our own homes. We will make sure to communicate with you if the flooring you have ordered is on back order or if the cabinets you have ordered or out of stock.

There are so many things that go into restoration project and that’s why Mold Doctors USA is your number one restoration company!