Fungus Treatments Do Not Kill Mold

There is an EPIDEMIC hitting the East Tennessee market! Homeowners are paying for fungus treatments and expecting the fungus, aka, mold – to be gone. Guess what – fungus treatments do NOT kill mold and it will absolutely come back!

Look For Mold Removal Certifications

Think of it this way. If you are a realtor, you pay to stay accredited and attend CE classes to maintain your real estate license. If you are a nurse, you went to nursing school.  Same for the mold remediation industry. We attended classes, took courses, had to pass them, and stay current for our industry.  We have certifications! Pest companies do not have any certifications to remove mold. They also are not protecting your most valuable asset, your home or business!

Mold Can Cross-Contaminate

Mold is also known as fungus, microbial growth, dust on floor joists, growth in the crawlspace or basement, etc. If mold remediation is not handled properly, it can cross-contaminate your house or business and make a small problem a much larger issue.

Take Action Today

In such an unregulated industry, Mold Doctors USA has your best interest. Mold Doctors USA provides free estimates to remove mold.

Mold can severely impact those in your home or business. Contact us or call Mold Doctors USA today at (865) 945-3000 for a free Water Damage Restoration or Mold Remediation consultation. We have the experience to restore your property as seamlessly and quickly as possible.