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We’re Tennessee’s authority in commercial mold removal and remediation. Mold is the result of a moisture problem, and our experienced team is Knoxville, Nashville, and Johnson City’s most trusted commercial waterproofing and encapsulation experts. Working with Mold Drs. will mitigate the risk of mold and mildew to your operation.

Our project managers will professionally guide you through the mold removal process, and answer your questions based on years of experience. We make you our number one priority and will work hard to make sure your business operates at the highest efficiency possible while we work. Many clients need us to work after hours in order to maintain their normal business routine. Yes, we can do that! Mold Drs. is here for you!

What we DO NOT do, however, is attempt to use “scare tactics” or fear to lure our clients into unnecessary work. We are not dealing with the Ebola virus or Ricin. Making a mountain out of a molehill may make some companies a lot of money, but such behavior is not necessary.

Mold is a natural part of the environment, which often negatively impacts indoor air quality, whether industrial or any commercial setting. We understand that some clients may be subject to additional consideration due to work productivity, project timelines, loss of production, or employee well-being. However, we try to make the response appropriate to the type and extent of the mold contamination. We will give an honest appraisal and a realistic estimate for the necessary remediation.

While we do perform initial mold assessments, we do not perform mold testing; nor should any mold removal firm. That leads to the old saying about the “fox guarding the hen house.” The assessment should always be performed by a group independent from the remediation contractor, who is the direct client of the business owner. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) has a ruling that states the inspection company cannot perform the mold remediation job as far as the clearance inspection with samples and testing and the clearance letter. The IICRC is one of the certifications we hold. Best way to put it, when a health inspector does an inspection on a restaurant you can trust what they find. You wouldn’t want one of the restaurant employees to do an inspection on a restaurant they work in, would you? Same for your business!

Experience has shown us that loss of productivity is a number-one concern in commercial environments. A close second is the safety of retail customers and or patients. Mold Doctors USA is well-versed in engineering control methods that will preclude the possibility of any person being exposed to potential hazards during the work process. Mold Doctors USA will also enable a normal “work flow” for minimal loss of production while maximizing the efficiency of “phase” remediation.

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