Mold Mycotoxins Exposure and the connection to Lyme Disease

Mold Mycotoxins Exposure and the connection to Lyme Disease

We have seen an increase of customers that hire us with similar issues. They have auto-immune issues, severe allergies, fatigue, brain fog, gastrointestinal issues, vision changes, night sweats – you name it. Some of our customers, and one of our employees, have Lyme Disease. What is interesting is the connection between mold mycotoxins and Lyme disease. Thus, we are going to be shedding some light on such an important topic moving forward.

We have debated writing about it as it is somewhat more personal than traditional bogs, but we know we need to share the knowledge and hope we can help others on their journey to finding health. If you suspect you live in conditions that have previous water damage, look for the following: shading, musty odors, condensation, staining, warped floors, warped walls, paint peeling off.

Give Mold Doctors USA a call to assess the damage. Any of the above listed conditions could be a sign there is a potential for mold growth in your property. Many of our customers lived in houses with mold many years prior. Then when they have been exposed to moldy conditions again, it has set off health conditions for them. We have seen this in commercial settings. A small roof leak that is not repaired and leaks over time leads to mold growth on one wall, then two walls, then in the flooring. A little water damage can lead to many issues if not remediated in a timely manner.

Mold Doctors USA understands the importance of taking care of mold the right way. If you home or business happens to be water damaged, you should always consider mold remediation as your first priority.

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