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Why Knoxville TN Homeowners Should Know The Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

Do you think you have been exposed to toxic mold? Millions of people are exposed to toxic mold on a daily basis – without even touching it. By ingesting and breathing mold particles, they don’t know they have been exposed. Mold can be hidden in your crawlspace, basement, behind walls, and throughout multiple places. Mold is especially common in Knoxville and East Tennessee, where our damp and humid climate traps moisture and encourages mold growth. Mold can make you [...]


A friendly tip

  A friendly tip from your friends, the Mold Drs! Summertime is when all the kids are out and about having fun! And moms, you know what that means! Itchy poison ivy, harsh sunburns, muddy feet, bee stings…yeah, it can get  lil’ chaotic. Take precautions to keep your love ones healthy this summer so they can have fun all season long!


What to do After Your Water Pipes Burst?

This crazy cold weather in Knoxville, Tennessee has affected many homes and businesses in the past few weeks.  If you are one of those that have experienced pipes bursting and damaging your property, hopefully you were fortunate enough to get the water damage taken care of promptly!     The Danger of Bursting Pipes Unfortunately, many properties were not addressed in a timely manner due to a large amount of homes that experienced water damage. Once the weather went from being cold to [...]