Mold Doctors USA understands the importance of indoor air quality for our customers.  We know that mattresses can be one of the most toxic items in your home!  Customers over the years have asked us to look at their mattresses which have began to grow mold.  Many mattresses can off gas chemicals into your environment.  Thus, Mold Doctors USA chooses Bed’r Mattress for their sleep needs, as they have a wide range of options to reduce their chemical exposure at night.

In fact, they have dedicated their entire West Town Mall store, Simply Bed’r to carrying exclusively natural and organic mattresses – for adults as well as babies and pets. You’ll find certified organic crib mattresses and pet beds!

The owners of Mold Doctors USA were thrilled to find out they could sleep on an organic mattress and not have to worry about chemicals or toxins in their home! In fact, this is the exact mattress that they chose, available ONLY at your nearest Bed’r Mattress.

For our customers that have sensitivities to chemicals or common allergens like dust mites, the Essentia mattress brand is our top choice. GOTS and GOLS certified, and impervious to dust mites, it is one of the cleanest mattresses on the market.

If avoiding mold and chemical exposure is important to you, you have got to choose a certified organic mattress for you and your families health! Go see our friends at Simply Bed’r