Losing Your Assets to Liabilities

Losing Your Assets to Liabilities

Expert-Mold-Drs-USAWe work in an industry that is unfortunately unpoliced. In our state (Tennessee), the terms professional, qualified, certified, or accredited to perform mold remediation mean nothing to the jugheads who compromise the health of your family, the quality of your life, the condition of your home, or the liability of your business. They claim to have a home inspector, a waterproofer, and a mold removal or pest control “expert”  (in this case one in the same), but they are untrained, uneducated, and lack the knowledge to exchange a Christmas gift let alone the makeup of air in a structure. Surely in most states this would be a conflict of interest. In this industry, I hear the famous words, “[xyz] said I need to evacuate immediately.” These so-called experts claim credentials that don’t exist or certificates that don’t qualify them to perform remediation work. Yes, I said it, would I see a podiatrist for a heart murmur? NO.

Prove the knowledge, prove the credentials!


Listen to an expert:

Research on crawl spaces has proven outside air raises humidity. Encapsulation alone does not solve moisture issues, and installing corrugated pipe is a band aid. HVAC drop downs are thought to solve moisture issues in crawl spaces. HOWEVER, drop downs alone, if not done correctly (i.e., balancing the HVAC system), will create negative pressure inside the home, therefore compromising the air quality in your home. New homes are built to be “green.” More energy efficiency also means less air infiltration. As mentioned above, negative pressure in the living space means your energy efficient home would trap more contaminants within the home. These contaminants (mold/pollens) are pulled in from outside and recirculated, creating more allergic reactions. HVAC drop ins (vents/registers) or poor quality, over-priced encapsulations are not always the solution.

How do you know which company is right for the job?


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